WA dads deploy tactical nap to improve odds of staying awake for entire Foo Fighters concert

The WA Foo Fighters fan base has taken matters into their own hands to ensure they have enough left in the tank to see out the entire concert this evening at HBF Stadium.

The average age of a Fooey fan is around 43 years of age. Which is the prime age for the “conked out on the couch by 8 pm” demographic. Especially on a school night.

We spoke to a hardcore Foo Fighters fan who said it’d been a while since he’d burnt the midnight oil and was a little worried that the Foo Fighters set starts at 7:30 – likely to finish around 10:30. Adding,

“Yeah look, I’m not the night owl I used to be. I do get up aggressively early though. Anyway, I’m about to hit the hay for an hour in my office to keep the battery recharged. I can only hope the beer does the rest later”

All across the City, middle-aged men are stealing as many winks as they can before no doubt embarking on a serious coffee campaign later in the arvo.

We spoke to Dave who was 48 and said he’s already had two naps today. Adding,

“Up the mighty Fooeys! Yewww, I was hoping they’d do a lunchtime show. I’m finding myself half asleep by 7:30 these days. That’s what a hard days work does to you”

Please allow the dads to nap in peace. It’s a big occasion for them.

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