The Chats / Foo Fighters combo to unite WA dads and kids who pinch sections of their hose

Tonight is the first time that the City’s Hoselink enthusiasts will come face to face with the little punks who nab sections of their precious hose for nefarious purposes.

By all accounts, it’s going to be a real who’s who of the grainy household CCTV vision scene. We spoke to a Perth dad who claims he’d lost over 3 metres this year alone. Adding,

“I’d be lying if I said I imagined a Foo Fighters concert is how we’d meet but then Dave went and gave The Chats the call-up. I also suspect Teenage Joans will attract a few hose thieves themselves”

WA Police are calling for calm and have apparently negotiated a truce between the two groups.

In return for Perth dads not flying off the rails and demanding their hose back, The Chats fans agree not to raid any hose coils after the show. A spokesperson for the WA Police told The Times,

“It could get tense in there. If you’ve ever had the middle section of your hose cut by a little bong-seeking turd you’d know the frustration. Just please don’t do anything silly in front of Dave, what a charismatic guy”

We understand that event organisers have warned The Foo Fighters and in true good bloke form, Dave Grohl has arranged for buckets of hose sections to be placed outside the venue at the end of the concert.

A spokesperson for the rock megastars told The Times,

“It’s the best way to ensure peace. Plus I reckon more than a couple of fully grown Triple M tradie fans might be grateful for a bit of hose too. At least judging by the building site we drove past the other day, plenty of going on in a Hilux”

As a final thought, the Police are “confident” they can keep the peace, especially after the mixing of the RHCP and Post Malone fans went off without a hitch. In part largely due to the bountiful amounts of cannabis filling the air.

Ironic, really.

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