Motocross community clear busy schedules of popping wheelies in Armadale to meet Carey Hart

The Perth motocross community has made the tough sacrifice of cancelling their usual plans to attend a meet and greet with motocross legend Carey Hart in Kenwick this Saturday.

Carey is in WA supporting his wife P!nk who may be involved in the pop music industry in some way. Of course, if you said this down at the Baldivis Dome, you’d be carried out in a series of buckets.

We spoke to a keen dirt bike owner who hasn’t missed a day of popping wheelies on the main roads of Armadale & surrounds for over 10 years. He told The Times,

“Some men are called to be employed and some are called to evade police and pop monos to make it look sik. It’s a tough call but I’ll have to take some time out of my Saturday schedule to go and staunch Carey Hart”

While the motocross community has love for Carey Hart the rules of their subculture dictate that they must act like they can make any other dirt bike rider piss. Another explained,

“Carey has arguably had a better motocross career than me. He’s won a bunch of shit but I hold the record for the sickest burnout outside the Armadale Courthouse after they took me licence for reckless driving. So who is the bigger legend?”

We managed to track down Carey who admitted that while he has had an accomplished career he certainly couldn’t compete with that. Adding,

“Believe me I’m just as humbled to meet the brave dirt bike owners of Perth who go out and piss off Facebook community group admins every day. That’s the lord’s work, I’m just a bit of a show pony and I think they know that”

Humble as ever Carey. You are a true legend of the game.

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