WA man reckons he’ll mix it up and chuck “Swan” into the name of his new small business

Terry always considered himself a man who marches to the beat of his own drum. A mould breaker that has decided to blaze more trails by slipping the word “Swan” into the name of his new business venture.

Terry is planning to get into the mobile lunch bar game and spoke about the inspiration behind the name,

“I’d just finished a job in the City of Swan so decided to take a six-pack of Swan down to the Swan River and I thought, you know what, I reckon people are going to absolutely froth it if I use the word swan myself”

We spoke to his brother who said his brother was a progressive thinker who may have just changed the game here, telling The Times,

“We love swans in Western Australia and while I’ve done no research I can safely say no one else has had the idea of using swans in their business name. My bro will have a real Swanopoly”

To that end, Terry has convinced himself that running any sort of IP check against the names he comes up with is totally pointless. Adding,

“What’s the point? I’ve never come across any business in Perth that uses the word or imagery in their business branding. Between you and me I honestly think I’m the first”

Good luck Terry and good luck to Swan Mobile Cheese Kransky and Energy Drink Emporium. Your name might not be totally unique but the idea is a real winner.

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