West Coast Allow Oscar Allen To Play A Game Against Them To Keep Coleman Dream Alive

If Tex Walker can kick 10 against West Coast then Oscar Allen could surely kick 12. A very handy bag given he’s trailing goal-kicking animals Curnow & Cameron by just 5 snags. West Coast admits it’s the right thing to do. 

We spoke with an official in the AFL who worked with West Coast and several other clubs to broker the unorthodox deal. They told The Times,

“For Oscar to be on 33 snags in a team getting flogged that comprehensively each week is an amazing feat. It’s hard not to put him in the best goal scorer conversation so we thought we’d even the playing field for him”

The most likely club to accept the one-off deal is Sydney given a SCG clash against the Eagles in two weeks could be an almighty goal fest. 

Naturally, not everyone is happy with the deal. Buddy Franklin in particular would rather add as many snags to his total to maintain his spot in the GOAT list. Similarly, some Eagles supporters selfishly want him to play for their team.

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We spoke to a diplomatic Eagles supporter who said that if you loved something you should set it free and if it returned to you it was meant to be. Adding,

“I have a poster of Oscar on my bedroom wall. I’m 42 years old, mate. That’s how much I love the bloke. I think the misso doesn’t mind big Oscar watching either ha ha. Only do it after an Eagles win but so my balls are bluer than a drowned smurf. I’d do anything for Oscar and giving up a potential night of power-pumping in two weeks is one of those things”

It’s unknown whether Oscar will take West Coast up on their offer. 

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