5 Perth Sunday Sessions That Will Tickle Your Pickle 

Some bloke’s shed in Forrestfield – sometimes we feel like we need to reinvent the wheel to have the best Sunday possible. Why not just go back to basics? Just 7 dudes sitting around on random pieces of faux furniture with Monster caps, a 10 month old Gatorade billie and a fridge full of the finest canned bourbon you could shove down your pants at Uncle Dans.

If you’re up for it, this bloke’s grubby shed party can become a staycation as he whips out the ol glass ocarina and gets you absolutely High-ruled in the ice temple. 

Go for a scavenge – there isn’t a pool room in Perth that wouldn’t want an iconic chunk of the Bayswater Bridge sitting proudly on a pedestal. Some might find this disrespectful to the old girl, much in the same vein as poachers mounting the heads of beasts in their rooms of indiscriminate slaughter. 

You’ll have to be sneaky though. It’s still a live demolition site and tradies will no doubt be on high alert for scabs. Which makes picking up a piece of her even rarer. Tread carefully. More HERE.

Go American tourist spotting – have you ever wondered what someone who splashed out big for an international holiday to watch an eclipse looks like? Well, wonder no more. They are pouring in hot & heavy to Perth for your gawking pleasure. 

As always, the best way to hunt down American tourists is to rely on your ears. The average Aussie can hear the shrill sound of an ignorant American comment from over 500m away. What a marvel to see them in the wild. More HERE.

Western Suburbs puffer wear parade – it’s slightly grey and a bit chilly at some points of the day. Do you know what that means? It’ll be an absolute puffer fest in the Western burbs. Are they secretly sweating under the unnecessary garment? 

Well, what a poor thing to wonder. If you had blue blood then you’d understand the special needs of the Western burbs population. They get as cold as their mother’s hearts as they allow an au pair to raise their kids for them. Try to keep up you hoody wearing cretin. More HERE.

Skip Jurassic Kingdom and interact with some real dinosaurs – sure, you could pay loads to go and see some fake dinosaurs or you could drop a comment about a proposed development in a FB community page and see the real dinosaurs come out!

It will be an absolute feeding frenzy that your kids will never forget. If your kids still need to experience more interactions with dinosaurs go and drop a comment about a vape or an eScooter. Roarrr!!!!

Documenting the Human Zoo is thirsty work, so if you enjoyed what you read how about buying Belle a beer, ay?