WA Rolls Out 10c Refund On Vape Boxes, Millionaires Expected Overnight

A new class of millionaires is expected to burst force onto the WA social scene as the Government rolls out 10c refunds on discarded vapes & vape boxes. Some say that a “casual walk” down Murray St could net a person up to $10k alone. 

It’s no secret that vapes have become somewhat of a must-have accessory. From classroom badarses to FIFO workhorses, everyone loves a vape. Alas, not everyone is as keen on making sure they find a home in a bin. 

To combat the “vape box road’ that guides so many to their choice of Vapetorium, the Government extended the Containers For Change program to include the colourful boxes. A spokesperson for The WA Government told The Times,

“Christ, there are a lot of vape boxes around Perth. Especially on a weekend night or whenever students get their study allowance. Instead of cracking down and handing out fines, we’d thought we’d offer the carrot rather than the stick. After our first day of the program, one lucky feller has enough money to go to Bali!”

Needless to say, the announcement of the new get-rich-quick scheme has sent local entrepreneurs into a frenzy. Many want to cash in quickly before the Government no doubt take action to restrict the sale of vapes.

We spoke to a vape box collector who had just purchased a new Rolex watch with his windfall. He told The Times,

“There are more vape boxes than cockroaches, mate. You just check any bin outside a smoke shop and it’s a gold mine. Constantly being replenished. This is a profitable time”

Vapers have hit back at the allegations they are littering, bin-overfilling grubs by saying that a brightly coloured box is far less of an eyesore than stubbed-up dart butts on the road. Clearly, considering themselves a more nuanced type of litterer. 

Good luck to everyone out picking up boxes today. Make sure to check out a few listings in the Golden Triangle after your haul. 

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