Absolutely textbook Forrest Highway road rage here

Ah Forrest Highway, it’s the pipeline of dreams for some – that promise of a glorious trip Down South. Alas, it’s rarely that pleasant.

According to Dash Cam Owners Aus, the white Subaru had switched to the right lane to overtake the Dash Cam vehicle and presumably planned to overtake when safe (i.e. wasn’t a right land lane camper).

Alas, a 79 driver couldn’t wait that long! View the footage here. Extra points for the poignant commentary:

Naturally, what ensues is some vehicular mayhem. With the 79 tailgating the Subaru before attempting a risky overtake which he doesn’t pull off with much grace.

All in all, that Subaru driver was lucky to have remained in control and manage to pull over unscathed.

But hey! That’s the Forrest Highway experience for you. It often feels like you’d just had a colonoscopy given how far up your arse someone is at all times.

This may give someone the temptation to speed a little bit just to get some relief! Alas, that’s playing right into the hands of big speed camera!

So what do you do? Go the pace you’re meant to and fend off agro knuckledraggers or do you just donate your hard earned to the camera gods? If only we knew.

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