Tourism WA Names The Right-hand Lane of Forrest Highway WA’s Best Camping Spot

Hundreds of prime WA camping locations were reviewed In a joint initiative between Tourism WA and BCF. Their goal? To find WA’s premier camping spot and their decision was unanimous with the right lane of Forrest Highway taking out the top honour.

A spokesperson for Tourism WA said there were a wide range of factors considered but ultimately the sheer popularity of the camping location was what got it over the line. Adding,

“Every year, thousands of Perth families camp out in the right lane of Forrest Highway much to the dismay of all the haters who missed out in the left lane! Ha ha, many even still have their roof tents on from the last time they went camping in the right lane over Easter. It’s a great tradition”

We spoke to a Perth dad who said he doesn’t even bother looking at other camping spots now, adding,

“It’s a real community these days. Just a collection of like-minded people who love nothing more than to slow the pace of life down and take it all in. You little beauty”

Another right-lane camper said that the spot was a lot cheaper than alternative locations around WA as long as you really clogged that sucker up. Adding,

“As soon as you get tempted to put the pedal to the metal you can be in trouble. One speeding fine can make it a costly camping trip so I always stay around 20kph under the speed limit at all times. That’s how you ensure it’s a nice cheap camping adventure for everyone”

In honour of the spot being awarded the honour, BCF said it would be offering a 5% discount on all Kings Awnings for customers who prove they have camped at the location within the last year. A spokesperson told The Times,

“Yeah, just a photo of your brand spankingly clean Landcruiser will do the job to be honest. We’ll also accept Maxtrax bolted to your roof racks at all times. Staff members will obviously have to check they have never been used and you’re right as rain”

Congratulations right lane of Forrest Highway, a well deserved honour.

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