Locals to enjoy a trademark Nic Cage freakout if he doesn’t finish filming by the school holidays

Yallingup & Dunsborough locals are expecting quite the show if superstar Nicolas Cage doesn’t wrap up filming before the start of the school holidays.

Iconic freakouts are a staple of the man’s acting arsenal but there are fears he could truly lose his shit for real if he has to deal with the nightmare that awaits him. We spoke to a Dunsborough local who told The Times,

“He hasn’t seen anything yet. School holidays usher in a new wave of disgusting blow-ins for our community and he’ll struggle to remain sane I reckon. Should be good, I’ll make the popcorn”

Judging by how many bookings there are for Douth properties, we should see a freakout to the level of at least Wicker Man. Although some think it should max out at around Face/Off. Either way, it’s going to be brutal.

Even sources close to Nicolas Cage fear that he’s under prepared for what’s coming and has become a little comfortable with his down south lifestyle. Adding,

“Nic has been enjoying serene mornings at the beach before cruising into town to grab a coffee. See how he likes that when every tool with a 300 series is clogging up the roads like an unflushable turd. Oh and the children, the relentless screaming children”

Another Yallingup local told The Times that she has seen the film crew panicking over the schedule. Adding,

“It’s like everyone knows it but Nicolas. He’s just having this amazing time in Taj’s mansion with his own beach roped off but if he thinks that’s going to stop the hordes once those holidays start. I hope his movie calls for a bunch of Golden Triangle shitwits complaining that the reception isn’t as good as Perth”

Good luck Nicolas, you are going to need it.

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