Nigella enjoys Perth delicacy of “farken waah-goo with extra tomato sauce” at Rockpool

Nigella has landed in Perth ahead of her show and wasted no time sampling the best of Perth’s culinary offerings.

She has reportedly been seen dining at Balthazar in the CBD and Indigo Oscar in Cott. However, what truly blew her away was her traditional Perth experience at Rockpool.

We spoke to a member of Nigella’s team who said she got the hot tip at Perth Airport after running into a couple of men wearing HiVis. She told The Times,

“These ghastly brutes told us that the best feed in Perth (if ya had a bit of coin) was Rockpool for a waahh-goo steak paired with the finest tomato sauce. They reminded us to order it ‘still mooing’ and to bring a bottle of Rosella from home because the snooty pricks always dogged ya on the serve of sauce”

It was an offer she couldn’t refuse and she was seen at Rockpool later that day. We spoke to a diner who was sitting next to her,

“She was in fantastic form. She’d acquired some work boots and although they were brand spankers you have to appreciate the effort. A member of the public also treated her to a show by grabbing the waiter’s arm and ask him where the rest of his meal was”

We can report that the helpful man then informed Nigella that you then have to wave a wad of pineapples in their face and tell them it was a fark’n rip off and bring out some chips or someshit before ya start kicking off.

The uncouth display of wealth and entitlement brought a tear to the eyes of the staff who had noticed a serious downturn in the amount of Waahh-gooo w/ tomato sauce delicacies they’d served in recent years.

Times are tough and even the cashed up underground miners have had to scale back their lavish culinary experiences. However, Nigella had the means to make it happen.


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