World Shocked To Learn Australia Actually Has Glassware To Drink From 

A tourist has been given the shock of a lifetime after arriving in Australia and seeing a couple of Australians consume their alcoholic beverages from a typical glass pint rather than what she assumed would be their shoe. 

Speaking to The Times, Anita admitted she thought it was a prank at first and had spent much of her flight preparing to drink from her Adidas sneakers. Adding,

“My mum actually made me pack a few glasses. She said the way Australians consume their beverages is very unhygienic and I might feel more comfortable with an actual glass rather than a shoe. I told her that I didn’t want to upset the locals and have one vomit on me or whatever Aussies do”

Convinced it was a prank, Anita approached the bartender and asked the man for a gin & tonic as she handed over her shoe. A witness at the bar told The Times,

“The bartender assumed she was celebrating a big win on the dogs or something so he obliged. You could tell the girl was nervous but she downed the shoey and got a round of applause. It got awkward when she handed back to the shoe for another drink”

The bartender in question told Anita that a shoey is typically a one off kind of play. A witness described the look in Anita’s face,

“She was shocked. Australians only have one drink when they go out? You could tell she was struggling with the Aussie stereotypes she learned. She asked the bartender how could we be a nation of drunks if people only have one drink when they go out?”

It took Anita several days to accept that it was commonplace for Aussies to use a glass and is currently sitting on about 20 shoeys in her short trip. 

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