Local Councils Consider Allowing Right Turns At Beaufort & Walcott Again To Spice Things Up

The City of Stirling and The City of Vincent have considered spicing things up a little and allowing motorists to turn right at the notorious Beaufort St & Walcott St intersection in Mount Lawley. Stating the plan would be “a good laugh”. 

Many believe that residents using both thoroughfares have had it too easy since the right turn was banned in 2017. Soft times create soft people and the reinstatement of the horrific traffic manoeuvre is just what they need to harden up a little. We spoke to an urban planner who agreed the plan would certainly be spicy, adding,

“Yeah, I was part of a team that was consulted about the decision back in 2017. We agreed that the congestion it caused was dreadful and pedestrians often didn’t know when a motorist would go rogue and just smash through a redder in frustration. Saying that, we also reckon it made for some terrific people watching for the public”

We spoke to a Mount Lawley resident who supported the plan. Dave said he enjoyed nothing more than buying a fresh vinyl from Planet Video back in the day and then soaking in all the road rage from the interesting. He told The Times,

“So good, people absolutely lost their shit at that intersection. Didn’t bother me because I’d lost my licence driving from the Velvet Lounge to Hungry Jacks and smashing into the speaker box ha ha. Those were the days”

Naturally, not everyone is convinced the plan would spice things up for the better. We spoke to an old school Mount Lawley resident who said the move would have the opposite effect of spicing his life up, adding,

“To be honest, I’ve been looking for an official reason to never leave my suburb again and that would be it. I’d probably just use the Prado for trips down south and become a hermit. Which is kind of my dream. Do you know how beautiful my suburb is? Better than whatever shithole you live in I bet”

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story. 

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