Blink-182 to dedicate tonight’s performance of “All The Small things” to Perth’s CBD

Blink-182 has performed at capital cities all over the globe and are still stunned that one of Australia’s major cities has a CBD that you could tick off your bucket list in about 15 minutes.

To honour the truly unimpressive size of Perth’s CBD, Blink-182 will be dedicating one of their biggest hits to Perth’s cute little economic engine room.

A spokesperson for the band told The Times,

“Travis scoped it out and came back after 15 minutes and asked if the CBD was just a grid of like 4 streets. I think there’s a few more, not that’d you’d go to them though. He got so excited he rang Kourtney to tell her to fly over immediately”

Supporters of Perth CBD concede while their business district isn’t much to look at they “know how to use it”. Which no one truly believes unless your surname rhymes with dempilas.

In fact, Basil has reportedly reached out to the band and asked them to not associate the Perth CBD with being “small”. Suggesting they dedicate a 10 minute segment to the show about how lively Perth is. He was left on seen by their management.

While international businessmen arrive at Perth CBD and often ask if they are “lost”, Blink-182 made the most of the peace and quiet.

Typically, famous artists like Blink-182 could get mobbed in major cities but they were able to move as if they were camouflaged through the Perth CBD. A witness told The Times,

“Yeah, I think I walked past them and just figured Travis was one of those kids that used to hang around Forrest Chase and Hoppus looked like every other middle aged bloke lining up at the Apple genius store. Wish I’d clocked on, I love those guys”

Blink-182 will be rocking out Perth Arena tonight and tomorrow night to a crowd of ageing millennials.

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