Blink 182 stoked to see the same roadworks in progress since their last Perth visit 11 years ago

After landing in Perth yesterday, Blink 182 were beyond stoked to visit the same roadworks that inconvenienced them 11 years ago.

It was an extra special occasion, given drummer Travis Barker didn’t come to Australia on that tour after being left traumatised by a plane crash in 2008. A spokesperson for the band told The Times,

“The other band members had told Travis about the roadworks and he finally got to see it in the flesh. That’s a really touching moment and I’m sure Kourtney Kardashian had a lot of fun too”

After seeing the roadworks on their journey from the airport to their accommodation, charismatic frontman Tom DeLonge apparently told his driver that after they drop their shit off they were coming back. An insider told The Times,

“In the word of DeLonge he wanted a big fkn slice of that arterial infrastructure chaos. He wanted to be in it, inspired by it, recharged by it”

By all accounts, bass guitarist Mark Hoppus couldn’t contain his excitement either and went as far to say that knowing the roadworks are never quite completed in Perth gives him a sense of stability and comfort.

The band will be visiting the roadworks shortly and fans hoping to snap a picture with the band are reminded of the dangers of entering a Perth roadworks vortex. With the distinct possibility you may be there all day.

We understand that later in the day the band will also be visiting some key areas of the Kwinana and Mitchell Freeway that will offer them a similar sense of nostalgia.

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