Clive Palmer’s ex-MP cooker mate Craig Kelly retweeted a rather salacious post

Oh Craig Kelly. You cooker. When he’s not denying science he’s thirsty. Real thristy.

Now the young newsman had to back away from his earlier Basil posts, after the Lib candidate presented enough reasonable doubt but he’s on the money here (until Craig claims he was hacked).

Alas, it’s not a great category of pron for the big man but with all things considered it could be worse.

Have a look at hist post in all its glory:

As of writing this article (7:23pm AWST) the post is still retweeted.

Craig has finally broken his silence and yep, it’s hacked. A fairly quick account recovery you’d imagine:

So was the man hacked? Was the man toey? Or is one of his social media interns about to get acquainted with Seek?

Time will tell.

I won’t add the actual Craig Kelly RT and I am not in the pron business lol but you are more than welcome to go and check it out yourself.

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