Parents looking forward to hear what Bandit thinks of Bluey Gnome resellers

Bunnings aka “Hammerbarn” was the scene of some truly low moments over the weekend as opportunistic adults hijacked a kid’s merch day to try and make a quick buck on the resale market.

Within hours of the chaotic scrambling mess inside the shops, limited edition Bluey garden gnomes were up on Ebay, Marketplace and Gumtree for an exorbitant price – up to $80+ when bought for a meagre $19.

We spoke to a reseller who said he was “quietly confident’ Bandit will come down in favour of his actions in an upcoming episode. He told The Times,

“I reckon Bandit will say that’s a bloody good side hustle and be in full support of the parasites who ruined that day for everyone else”

A parent who waited in line for hours wasn’t as confident that the parenting-gurus would be as keen on the reseller’s actions. Adding,

“Yeah I dunno if Bandit would act like a greedycunt in front of his pups. You know Chilli wouldn’t lower herself to that sort of carry-on either, she’s a classy broad”

The ABC remains tight-lipped on how the hit TV show will address the shameful scenes but told resellers to perhaps “manage their expectations”. Adding,

“Bandit is a real stand up guy and you know he’d have excellent Bunnings etiquette so we expect him to not look favourably on it. All that fuss for a bunch of shoddily made gnomes that will end up as outcasts in Gnomesville in a few years”

Bluey will be airing the episode in the weeks to come.

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