Parents Launch Class Action For Emotional Distress Over Fake Bluey Cancellation Rumours 

Modern parenting was thrown into a tailspin yesterday as rumours began circling that Bluey would be discontinued.

An act that would leave several cartoon dog-shaped holes in the very fabric of mutually moreish parent & child entertainment. 

Several hours later, the producers of Bluey eased fears that the show was going nowhere. However, for many, the damage had already been done. 

Accordingly, the young parents association of WA has sought legal advice on holding the source of the rumour accountable for emotional distress. 

Maree who first circulated the notion told The Times,

“As soon as I heard the news I suffered withdrawal symptoms. My skin was itching, I felt very cold. You have no idea how much of the heavy lifting that show does for my child’s socio-education”

Wiping tears from her eyes, she continued,

“How could anyone be so callous to spread a rumour like that! Parenting is tough and those short Bluey episodes are sometimes the only time I feel truly alive all god damn day! My snot nose brats never listen to me but they listen to Bluey and co”

Local dad, James also felt himself falling into a downward spiral of anxiety when he heard the news,

“Kids shows usually do my head in. You seen this bullshit? Makes me want to go off-grid. Start feeling real anti-society when that shit comes on. Bluey though, I actually LIKE the show, not just tolerate, LIKE.. you have no idea how much I need that to bond with the young’n”

A class-action specialist said while there wasn’t any precedent for such a situation she believed the case had some merit,

“This is a bit like the time we took on a class action for a bunch of punters who reckoned they had a solid tip from the producer of Big Brother. Turned out that rumour on who won was solid bullshit and they sought legal recourse for being totally ”

In that case, the judge ruled that spreading rumours that could foreseeably cause emotional distress was actionable. However, ultimately, the group’s Ascot race day ensembles distracted the court too much to pay attention to their evidence. 

“Look, justice should be blind but it’s not always. It really needed to be blind that day. Who wears a lime green pinstriped suit into a courtroom? He sank the whole ship with that effort”

It is understood the plaintiffs will be seeking discovery to find out the exact source of the outrageous rumour. 

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