Clive Palmer Commences High Court Action To Become Member For Rockingham, Premier

Sources tell The Times that mining magnate Clive Palmer is patting himself on the back this week as he claimed credit for wearing Mark McGowan down over the years. Now, as a way to evict the rent-free tenant from his head, Clive intends to become Mark. 

According to the source, Clive intends to run for the seat of Rockingham. Of course, the only issue is that the seat is currently held by Labor. A little detail he can get around with brute force litigation, he reckons. The source added,

“You know Clive, he lives in Clive world. He won’t join the WA Labor Party so he’ll just waste the court’s time with some insane lawsuits hoping to get them to declare him the Member For Rockingham and ultimately the Premier of Westralia. He’s definitely thought it through”

We spoke to a lawyer well versed in politics who said the case was “up there” in absurdity as suing Australia for $600B or whatever nonsense he tried on recently. Adding,

“If he thinks he can run off to the High Court and they’ll just declare him King then he has another thing coming. Think he’s catching up on Game of Thrones or something. It’s pretty clear that he’s just taking his obsession with Mark McGowan to the next level. Get some help, dude”

Sources also confirm that Palmer has made several offers on McGowan’s Rockingham abode. It is undeniable that Palmer wants to metamorphose into the WA leader but why? The source continued,

“Look, don’t tell Clive I told you this but he plans to become the Member for Rockingham and Premier and then find a reason to ban Mark McGowan from entering the state. It’s a total payback move. He hasn’t got over it, let’s just say that”

Nevertheless, his legal team headed by Porter again is licking their lips at all the juicy fees this ridiculous legal play will rack in. After all, isn’t that the true spirit of Clive?

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