McGowan reveals source of exhaustion was leading the state that had to carry the nation’s economy on its shoulders

Mark McGowan has finally opened up about the reason he had to step down from the office of Premier. He had been exhausted having to lead the State that carried the entire nation’s economy on its shoulders. 

Thanks to Western Australia and its bountiful natural resources, the country has avoided slipping into recession. It was a responsibility that few other state political parties had to bear. 

A source close to Mark McGowan told The Times that knowing you were the last line of defence before Australia shat itself was quite burdensome. Adding,

“I suppose it’s pretty easy to coast along on some lacklustre manufacturing industry like Victoria. Or benefit from having the only city that tourists have heard about like NSW but in WA it’s serious business. Mining business. Maybe you’ve heard of it?”

McGowan has been fending off job offers all day. With some thinking the Labor leader will replace Kochie. Others think he could take a run in the forward pocket for West Coast. 

If Twiggy has his way, he’ll have the ex-Premier working for him. Initially in a drilling role but if things go to plan, he’ll work his way up to the boardroom. A source close to Twiggy told The Times,

“Yeah Twiggy wants a big slice of that. He’s had to answer to McGowan for years and now he wants to flip those roles. All the insider knowing McGowan has wouldn’t hurt either”

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