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WA astronomical event community accuses “big cloud cover” of conspiring against them

Thousands of Western Australians hoping to get a glimpse of the full lunar eclipse & blood moon tonight have absolutely done their ‘nana at the ever-encroaching cloud cover that seems more and more likely to ruin the event. 

However, the true fury is coming from the astronomical event community in collaboration with the oversized Nikon lens community. Who says they have noticed a pattern when it comes to astro events. We spoke to Paula who told The Times,

“You have an amazing run of beautiful clear days and then when there is an exciting astronomical event you get this disgusting, cloudy filth. Every time!!! Just between you and me, I think it’s a conspiracy”

Paula isn’t alone in thinking “big cloud cover” has a vested interest. An amateur lunar photographer who hopes to win back the affections of his child with some sweet eclipse photography told The Times,

“I can’t say too much. Big cloud cover is always watching. What I can tell you is that those clouds are directly intervening to stop us from viewing eclipses and different coloured moons. We aren’t sure why but you always should follow the money”

Giant space nerd and all-round astro-nutter Simon said it’s no coincidence that BOM has stopped replying to his emails, adding,

BOM is in on it too. Are you telling me that they don’t see this deliberate sky sabotage? Are you telling me that this is just normal weather patterns? Every single time? If you believe that then let me get you some grass to graze on you sheep!”

Time will tell if the clouds will piss off for long enough to give us a good view of the eclipse tonight but what we do know is there are questions needing answers. Big cloud cover, you are on notice. 

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