Dambo's giants mandurah

Fisheries launch massive operation after reports “suspicious characters” were evading detection in Mandurah

“Anytime, anywhere”, an absolutely fuming Fisheries officer told The Times as he paced back and forth in his office becoming increasingly more irritated by the second. 

It appears Fisheries has taken great offence to Dambo’s giants thinking they are slick and hiding throughout the Peel Region. Doing his best not to blow a head gasket, he told The Times,

“We just are a little curious about what these giants are hiding from? You know we have terrific waterways down in Mandurah and crab season doesn’t open for 21 days. What’s the bet they’ve bagged out on some juveniles? Makes me sick”

However, a spokesperson for Dambo told Fisheries that his exhibits have no interest in fishing and certainly would adhere to all state fishing laws & protocols if they did fancy throwing a line in. Adding,

“It’s just a big power play from Fisheries. They feel disrespected that the giants have come into their territory and bragged about being hard to find. Fisheries just want everyone to know that no one is out of their reach”

It’s certainly not a message that Mandurah locals need reiterating. With many living in fear of the wide-reaching powers of Fisheries. We spoke to a notorious crab-pest who told The Times,

“Fisheries always get their man. Then they’ll take everything you hold dear away. Ya undersized catch, ya boat, they’ll even kick down your door in the middle of the night and accuse you of using illegal nets again”

All we can suggest is that Dambo’s giants make themselves known to Fisheries before they are found. You don’t mess with Fisheries. 

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