CoComelon heavy Spotify Wrapped playlist the final nail in young dad’s partying coffin

“This is who I am now”, a young father lamented after checking out his Spotify Wrapped playlist for 2022 to see it absolutely dominated by wall to wall kid’s bangers with a particular focus on CoComelon.

He remembers when his music tastes were eclectic and cutting edge. Now he knows every word to songs about fruit salad and large red automobiles. Stretching out an inexplicably stiff back Josh told The Times,

“Yeahhhhh, finally putting that partying cue back in the rack. I used to tell myself that I still had a festival or two in me but I think I’m more cut out for a playgroup singalong now. I’d rock it by the way”

Not only did The Wiggles feature prominently in Josh’s Wrapped playlist but so did bangers from The Wiggles, Peter Combes, and the Bluey theme song. Which Josh has actually put his hand up to cop to. Telling The Times,

“Yeah, that one was all me. My kids weren’t even in a 100m radius any of the 450 times I listened to the Bluey theme song. I don’t know why but I need it. It gets me through. Am I saddo? I can still make it to midnight at weddings? That’s pretty hardcore right?”

Josh’s wife’s Spotify wasn’t looking much better but she said Josh was having a harder time realising his unpartyin’ position in society. Adding,

“You should’ve seen him thrash about at The Wiggles concert. It’s a man in deep denial and thankfully he finally came face to face with that denial today. I heard him gently sobbing to the Bluey theme song earlier. He’s working through it”

Josh is expected to spend the rest of his day binge-listening to some adult songs to try and claw back some redemption for his 2023 Wrapped playlist.

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