Cottesloe resident drags a full Norfolk Pine into living room in show of Xmas tree dominance

Andrew, a Golden Triangle resident, has decided to go full Cottesloe this silly season and has chosen to make a fully matured Norfolk Pine his Xmas tree.

Not only is the tree a Cott icon but having one fit inside also speaks to the pure size of his sprawling manor. It took a crew of 20 workers 3 days to get the job done but now he certainly has the most Cottesloe Xmas tree in the area.

We spoke to Andrew about his choice to rub his Cottesloe-pedigree in everyone’s faces and he revealed some surprising backlash,

“Obviously when the neighbourhood heard I had a fully matured Norfolk Pine in my living room that was covered in tinsel and baubles there were some jealous musings. All I have to say to the haters is if you don’t have the room or can’t afford such a Xmas tree then maybe you should move to a more modestly priced suburb, like Nedlands”

Not only has the 3 storey tree brought Xmas cheer to the household but it has also attracted a significant increase in the amount of wildlife in the home.

Andrew’s daughter said that while she loved the grand beacon of prosperity she was pretty sick of getting attacked by a family of nesting birds each morning. Adding,

“One really got me good the other day when I went to drop some presents off under the tree. I also think I’m getting a severe allergic reaction from the falling foliage”

Nevertheless, Andrew has made it clear that to be the king of Cottesloe one must be ready to make some compromises.

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