Twiggy orders Diggers & Dealers delegate be stripped of lanyard after failing to wear R.M. Williams boots

Rough scenes erupted at the annual Kalgoorlie Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum after officials were forced to unceremoniously de-lanyard an attendee for failing to wear the conventional mining footwear.

Onlookers said they were shocked when the man entered the conference wearing a pair of Aquila tan boots. A witness said the guy may as well have walked in with his dick out. Adding,

“As soon as he walked in a couple of officials swarmed him and told him that Twiggy would be very distressed to know he’d entered the forum in anything less than R.M. Williams. It was pretty awkward”

The man pleaded his case saying while his boots weren’t R.M. Williams they did set him back a couple of hundred dollars. Alas, his desperate pleas fell on deaf ears as force was used to remove the lanyard from around his neck. 

We understand that Twiggy gave the executive order and told officials to enforce the dress code with an iron fist. A source close to Twiggy told The Times,

“Obviously the boots are a must but you may still be permitted to enter if you rock about with an Akubra like a fkn idiot. However, this will fully be at the discretion of event organisers. Standards must be upheld”

To make matters worse, the de-lanyarded man was a mining engineer who told a group of delegates earlier that he’ll skip out on the skimpies that evening to do some preparation for the next couple of days. 

Other delegates were simply shocked at the man’s total disregard for WA mining culture and were happy to see him lose the lanyard of power. 

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