REPORT: WA here to help fellow Aussie’s feeling stressed about paying $15 for a pint

The nation has been thrown into panic with reports of the beer tax increasing by 4% with warnings that a pint at the pub could cost $15.

Well, WA is here to help with any Aussie concerned about living in a society where $15 pints are pretty normal, especially at airports and regional areas. 

We spoke to a boomtown survivor who remembers paying $17 for an Asahi one summer’s day. He told The Times,

“You get used to it. Just push down paying exorbitant prices for beer deep into the hurt locker. I still have night terrors over paying $17 for a shit Asahi but then again I paid like $12 for a Swanny D the other day. You get used to it”

Another keen pub goer said he made a habit of never straying to the more exotic looking taps at a new pub he goes to,

“Look, you don’t wanna look like a poorkent by asking the price of each individual beer but believe you me, any kinda of craft or imported beer is going to be in that 13/15 range. That’s WA for ya baby”

Perhaps more pragmatically, we spoke to a tradie who said anyone whinging about the price of a froff is welcome to get a trade, a job in construction or the mines and do something about their predicament, adding,

“I don’t give a fark about how much anything costs mate, check out how many pineapples I got in my wallet, cashies lad, cashies”

However, more alarmingly, the beer tax hike will of course hit bottlos too which could lead to an oversaturation of Tun tinnies at your next sesh. 

Documenting the Human Zoo is thirsty work, so if you enjoyed what you read how about buying Belle a beer, ay?