Driver keeps the traffic sensors guessing by stopping a full car’s length away from the line 

It’s just how I was raised”, Dustin mused as he ensured he parked a full car’s length away from the traffic line on a leisurely Thursday morning drive. 

Dustin comes from a long line of short-stoppers who believe that aggressive encroachment on the traffic line is a massive faux pas and should be avoided at all costs. 

We asked Dustin why he felt so strongly about not triggering the sensors and allowing for normal traffic flow. He told The Times,

“Some days mate, I like a rolling start. Really hit the ¼ mile running and get a PB. Other days I just like to pissfart around while I wait. Randomly creeping forward and giving the car behind me the shits”

To get to the bottom of why Dustin was like this we spoke to his father who was largely responsible for teaching him to drive. He told The Times,

“I remember the first time I took the boy out. He stopped a few cms from the traffic line and I taught him a lesson. I got out of the car, dragged him to the road, and told him that if there is one thing this family stands against it’s stopping a normal distance from the line. I think he got it through his thick skull at that point”

On some occasions, Dustin is known to stop practically down the street from the traffic lights. He says the thought of some drivers catching the next red unnecessarily gives him a real thrill. A real driving-stiffy.

It should be warming knowing there are so many staunch short-stoppers on the road. So much in fact, one could call it an important WA cultural practice that has absolutely no chance of going the way of the DoDo. 

Photo credit: Deejy on Instagram

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