Pilbara Cafe Adds Footpath Cooked Eggs To Menu Ahead Of Weekend Heatwave

A Pilbara cafe is serving up the region’s most famous delicacy this weekend as temperatures are tipped to soar past 46 degrees. Potentially hitting the sacred 5-0 however locals don’t want to jinx it yet. 

Footpath eggs not only embody the earthy goodness of the Pilbara but the ability to do so is a great source of pride for the community who are all too willing to tell you about the savage temperatures they can endure. The cafe owner told The Times,

“You can’t get much better than a couple of footpath-fried eggs on a slice of Tip Top. Throw in some grisly bacon and that’s brekkie. All for the bargain Pilbara price of $29.50. Good luck finding a better deal!”

Since making the announcement on social media, the cafe has been inundated with bookings. With thousands of Pilbara residents prepared to travel 1000s of kms to get the iconic feed. We spoke to a Port Hedland resident who told The Times,

“Only getting to 42 in Hedland so won’t be able to whip up me own footpath eggs so I’ll be heading to the cafe to get me a slice of that. Gravel is the original pepper ya know. I ate over 3 tonnes of gravel growing up cos mum couldn’t afford pepper. That was for fancy city slickers back then mate”

Naturally, controversy has erupted after a local opportunist said he was going to set up a bar bonnet egg pop-up outside the cafe to poach a bit of business. However, locals aren’t impressed,

“I can have a bonnet egg any day I want mate. It’s the footpath egg that truly hits the spot. You can’t get an overheated engine to help you with that. That’s just raw, Pilbara sun mate. The way we like it”

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