Man Who Always Wanted To Get On The Bags Really Wants You To Do Ice Baths With Him

Life has a funny way of catching up with some people and Tim has come to accept that getting 5 hours of sleep on a weekend just isn’t working for him anymore. So after some very thorough research (Joe Rogan podcasts), he has found an even better way to get high.

Only a few months ago, Tim was enthusiastically calling everyone he knew on a Friday afternoon to see if they wanted to get on it. Now those calls have taken a weirder turn, with the bloke really wanting to see if his mates want to grab some different kinds of bags and hit the bathtub with him. His mate told The Times,

“Yeah, he’s pretty into the ice bath thing. I said I was kinda keen to try it but not every week and not in his grotty little East Vic Park shithole bathroom. Not sure he’s blessed that tub with any sort of cleaning products since he moved in 3 years ago”

Another close mate of Tim said he was propositioned by him after a few beers on a Saturday night. He explained that it was his round and when he got up Tim grabbed him by the arm to stop him. Adding,

“I was expecting him to say he had to duck out quickly to pick up some bags but he asked me what I thought about ditching the beer and going back to his house for a cold plunge. Said he had plenty of Seltzers that he made with alkalised soda water too. At first, I thought it was code for something but then he made me watch all these YouTube videos”

His mate declined however that didn’t stop Tim from trying his luck with some other acquaintances, as described in this harrowing account,

“Yeah, I knew Tim mostly through the party scene. He gave me a call on Saturday arvo and asked me if he could come around with a couple of bags. I said hell yeah. Then the guy rocks up with 10 bags of ice from the servo and asks me if I really wanted to get high”

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