NASA Amazed By Strange Life Forms They Encountered At An Exmouth Boat Ramp

A group of NASA scientists has had an encounter of a lifetime in Exmouth as they prepare to witness the total solar eclipse. It occurred yesterday at about 9:30 am when they wandered down to an Exmouth boat ramp. 

One scientist reported hearing a strange, otherworldly dialogue. He presumed it was some kind of communication between the crusty, humanoid beings. He told The Times,

“It was remarkable. These humanoids appear to have leathery, salty skin. Like if you’d left a riding saddle in the sun for 40 years. I observed them getting their sustenance from some kind of substance in a red can. One yelled something at me but I couldn’t understand the language”

Another scientist said the encounter was short but tense as he didn’t know if these beings came in peace. He told The Times,

“They started arguing with each other when they couldn’t start their little metal watercraft. It sounded like they were saying shitfabrains and one grunted at me after he caught me gawking”

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Of course, the scientists had encountered a couple of Western Australian purebred cobbers on a morning fishing trip. One can easily understand how this could be mistaken for an encounter with extraterrestrial life. 

Related to humans, the homo-oldmateus are often found in coastal communities and can often mimic human languages. Albeit, roughly and poorly. We spoke to one of the fishermen that was observed. He told The Times,

“Jezza went and blew me outboard didn’t he. I told one of them pencildick nerds to come down and fix it or i’d piss in his science tent. He just stared at me. Never seen a real man I reckon”

What a wonderful experience for these Americans to have had. We can confirm that Macka indeed pissed in the nerd’s science tent. 

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