English cricketer tries to staunch an umpire before a Big Bash match (lol)

Tom Curran has obviously forgot that the rules apply to everyone when he arrogantly trotted down the pitch before the Sixers – Hurricanes game the other day.

By the laws of cricket, players aren’t allowed to even step foot on the pitch before the match let alone whatever this lad thought he was doing.

What transpired was a stand off where Curran has played a game of chicken with the umpire and neither refused to back down.

Check it out here:

It earnt the limey pom a 4 match ban but many are asking if his obnoxious actions deserved a greater ban.

Even more baffling is the commentator in the clip trying to defend his actions.

Just warm up along side the pitch like everyone else bro. Unreal. Then again, he’s probably got the bazball flowing through his veins!

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