Fast train from Perth to Bunbury

Fast rail from Perth to Bunbury would “pay for itself” if they put a stop at the Farmers Market, Government told

The fast rail from Perth to Bunbury has been somewhat of a political football for decades in WA. While there appears to be community support for the idea, the number crunchers just can’t seem to make the project viable. 

However, the insatiable lust of Perth residents for the Bunbury Farmers Market may hold the key to economic viability. Describing the regional market as like “crack” to WA holiday goers, a supporter of the project told The Times,

“If you could get Perth people to that Farmers Market fast enough on a train you’d better believe they’d be taking day trips. You should see the absolute chaos they create there each long weekend. If they’d put themselves through that, they’ll definitely enjoy a leisurely train ride to get their wannabe regional salt of the earth IG photos”

We spoke to a Perth man who is a self-professed Prado-driving crust-stain on the Kleenex of the SW holiday scene. He told The Times,

“Yes, I would. Every single Saturday morning we’d make the journey. I have no idea why we do it. My brother always says we have plenty of supermarkets in Perth to stock up at so why do we have to enter the battle royale at the Farmers Market every time? I told him I don’t know”

The man’s wife seems to have the answers, however. Telling The Times,

“Half the fun of going Douth is to rub it in poor people’s faces who are priced out of places like Dunsborough or Margs now. An expensive swag of artisan goods is a nice dash of salt to rub into that wound. This is why I am drawn to the market. It’s my oxygen”

It’s estimated that the project would “pay for itself” after just one year of operation. Given the intensity of Perth commuting to the stop as often as they humanly can. 

Importantly, the more popular the stop got, the more Perth people would flock there. To truly replicate the shopping experience they treasure. More to come. 

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