Rookie Bartender Faces Biggest Test Yet Changing Gas Bottle Around Group Of Dads

Inexperienced but ambitious young bartender Sam has faced the ultimate test today after an outdoor gas heater ran out of gas at a 40th birthday party hosted by the pub.

Determined to prove his salt as both a competent employee and a man, the bartender approached the situation with gusto. What he didn’t know is that every middle-aged man standing around that heater was a bonafide Bunnings warrior. 

Witnesses looked on in horror as the young bloke stumbled at the first hurdle – not knowing to lift up the metal frame to expose the old gas bottle. 

After a gentle prompting by an alpha-dad, Sam was able to lift the frame, lean it on the ledge and begin the job of changing gas bottles with surgical precision. If only it could’ve been that easy.

A dad in attendance and owner of no less than 5 pieces if kit that use gas bottles told The Times,

“As the leader of the group of dads that pooled around the boy, I can say that none of us thought he had much chop. Not knowing how to access the gas bottle was a rookie move and we weren’t impressed”

A younger member of the group did his best to stave off the wolves as they began to bark at the boy. He told The Times,

“Look, we all know it’s not that easy screwing that stupid gas hose nozzle into that cunnova bottle. It takes poise and calmness. Not easy when you have 8 dad’s telling you what to do. This kid was sweating man”

To make matters worse, a couple of patheticunts began complaining that it was a little cold while they were sucking down a dart. Creating more pressure on the boy. 

Just as every dad has written him off, the young bartender managed to twist that sucker in and with the confidence of a gas-y aroma flicked the dial 3 times in a row causing the flame to erupt in a blaze of glory. 

He got several nods of approval from the dads in attendance while a bull-Karen decided to put in a complaint about the time it took to resume heating. 

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