Guantanamo Bay has condemned Bunbury for their use of The Wiggles, claiming even they wouldn’t go that far

The Bunbury Council has caused a stir after it was revealed that The Wiggles was used to deter and torment rough sleepers who had taken up shelter at the Memorial Music Shell.

The Local Government Body has been copping it from all angles but would have to be shocked after an unlikely institution took offence.

In a statement to The Times, Guantanamo Bay said:

“We would never go as far to play hot potato by The Wiggles and we sort of set the benchmark for inhumane treatment of fellow humans back in the early 00s. Seriously, where is the humanity? Shame on you Bunbury, shame”

It is no doubt a harsh reality check for the regional Council. A source within the WA Government told The Times that being condemned by G-Mo Bay was a bit of a low point. Adding,

“Thank god they didn’t go with plan no.1 to play the audio of the Hillzeez ad. I think they might have found themselves on the arse end of a Geneva Convention contravention”

A music expert agreed with the sentiment of G-Mo Bay, adding that The Wiggles on general was a cruel way to torment someone. Adding,

“Unless you are a parent with Stockholm syndrome, The Wiggles are very grating on the ears. Frankly I’d prefer to hear ScoMo let rip to the tune of Sweet Caroline after one of his disgusting curry nights”

In other news, many of the rough sleepers have called on the Bunbury Council to put their money where their mouth is and maybe deliver on some of these hot potatoes

Or even better help with the housing crisis.