“Trick or Treat” – North Melbourne rock up to Eagles HQ in costumes demanding No.1 Draft pick or they’ll egg them

It appears North Melbourne is willing to try anything to secure West Coast’s No.1 draft pick Harley Reid, except offer a reasonable deal.

In the spirit of Halloween, Alastair Clarkson has rocked up at Mineral Resources Park with a carton of eggs and a stern message for West Coast – either he leaves with a treat or they are gonna get it!

A witness at the Eagles HQ told The Times that Alastair wasn’t taking no for an answer and repeatedly called Harley Reid his ultimate treat. Adding,

“It was pretty sad, to be honest. Some of the club’s senior officials went down and said it didn’t have to go like this. Just make us an offer that didn’t insult the hallowed turf he stood on. That’s when Clarko launched his first egg”

It appears that while club officials were busy dealing with Clarko, a number of other senior North Melbourne staff were busy with rolls of toilet paper around the back.

A groundskeeper saw the mess unfold and chased them off with a broom. He told The Times,

“It was juvenile. These clowns are really embarrassing themselves now. If they want to get Harley Reid maybe stop offering us low pick garbage. I told them we’d happily take that Cheezel feller!”

At the time of writing this article, Clarko was still in a stand off with the Eagles. We understand that he’s launched several more eggs and has begun goading West Coast with taunts they wouldn’t know what to do with a no.1 draft pick if its yolk was dripping all over its fancy new door.

North Melbourne, come and get your mate!

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