Local yummy mummy making damn sure the street knows this Trick or Treat lark is her show

Local hot mum and former model has pulled no punches dressing up for tonight’s trick-or-treat session with her kids. It might be for them but make no mistake, this is her show.

Dressed as a naughty she-demon, Tasha has strutted herself all afternoon with her kids in tow. A local goof-dad told The Times he liked what he saw,

“Yeah, it was all about Tasha. Her kids were dressed up but the costumes were pretty lame. You could tell Tasha didn’t want the attention off her. I probably could’ve eased up on admiring her outfit, I reckon I’m in the doghouse now”

With a devilish smirk, Tasha denied she was trying to steal the show. Telling The Times,

“Oh, this old outfit? I pretty much rolled out of bed. It’s a curse to look this good but to be so bad isn’t it?”

It was a saucy response and one from a woman who clearly spent the better part of this afternoon getting a make-up artist to ensure she was the VIP of trick-or-treat. As her own daughter told us,

“Mum gets competitive at Halloween, on the walk to the lollies she kept pointing out the other mums and asking us if their costume was a garbage bag full of shit. That’s mummy for you”

Although, Tasha’s efforts have been appreciated by the lonely dad community not everyone was as stoked. One rival yummy mummy had gone a much more understated sexy nurse outfit. She told The Times,

“A devil? That’s so on the nose. I’m actually dressed as someone who contributes to society. Anyway, if you want to talk about evil how about we talk about those crow feet that satan himself summoned onto her face”

Similarly, a Puritan, annoying mother by the name of Rose said she didn’t think it was appropriate for Tasha to be wearing such form-hugging clothes on a night for kids.

Her opinion could be taken seriously if it wasn’t for her hanging out homemade, vegan sugar-free earth lollies to the kids.

Seriously, Rose, just let Tasha live.

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