IN FOCUS: Brightly Framed Spectacles

There comes a time in every ageing art teacher’s life when they decide it’s time to evolve into their final form and rock a pair of brightly framed glasses.

They are typically seen in red but don’t be surprised if they go crazy and switch it up with green, blue, or even yellow, depending on what flowing mumu-type dress thing they have for the day.

Typically, the wearers will be found in either Fremantle or Perth’s inner North. You may find some rogue pundits outside these areas but what they all share in common is the fact they live in some $1.5M cottage home that they bought for 50K.

Such a nice return on investment means the wearer is free to enjoy the finer things in life – politically charged Twitter posts. Community FB page adminship with a particular focus on shaming recycling-related boo boos.

Or of course, enroll as a mature aged student in some Notre Dame School of Arts degree that they will commandeer every week with “lessons from the real world”. They will likely wonder why they aren’t getting paid for their services.

Should you find yourself in a group assignment with one, you are advised to just go with the flow. Perhaps how things were done 35 years ago isn’t the most effective way but it’ll be a hell of a lot quicker than talking them through Zoom or some cloud set up. Just roll with it ffs.

Should you own the local upmarket grocery store, then you’ll get to know them real well. With daily updates on what ethnically sourced yoghurt they should stock or how distressed they were to find bruising on a piece of organic pumpkin.

Now, you may not have heard from your local brightly framed spectacle wearer since the weekend. That’s because she is still recovering from the Prosecco bender she embarked on after the ALP victory.

Does she take partial credit for the victory due to her 65 anti ScoMo tweets per day? Yes, but it’s more than that. It’s also because she brought her own pen to the polling booth, so her vote couldn’t be erased. As she fear mongered for 3 weeks leading up to the big dance.

Who said the bright framers don’t like to party? You’ll almost definitely see them down Enjoying the City of Fremantle/Vincent events while keeping a notepad handy to record all “improvements” they think of.

Improvement that they’ll be passing on directly to the Mayor at some swanky art gallery soiree later in the week and then posting online about how they felt the interaction went.

It’s called political accountability, heard of it? Now ban e-Scooters from the footpath now! You bureaucratic chud!

If you can’t get enough of your local bright framer, head down to your local dog park to see their yapping little shit-dog antagonise the bigger dogs. Naturally, this little ball of fluff has never had a day’s training in its life.

Should your large dog growl back? Oh, damn, may as well just move out of the neighbourhood pal because you just made a powerful enemy. One with local government contacts and a journo mate for the local rag.

Documenting the Human Zoo is thirsty work, so if you enjoyed what you read how about buying Belle a beer, ay?