Top 5 Hottest Sunday Sessions In Perf Right Now 

A Sunday session is as much a destination as it is a state of mind. Sure, conventional wisdom dictates that the sesh is conducted in a beer garden however it’s time to expand your thinking and find a Sunday sesh where you least expect it. 

Put some leg work into your impending divorce at Ikea – Sunday sessions are all about getting lit and what could make you want to drown your liver more than a whimsical Sunday morning at Ikea with your beloved? 

Cut out the middleman and bring a bottle of Voddie with you. You’ll need it and it may even make the experience somewhat fun. More on the IKEA experience HERE.

Beach traffic jam party – what better way to spend one of two days off you have raging while looking for a park at the beach? Sure you could go a little further and explore the endless coastline of WA but where’s the fun in that? 

The aggression & argy bargy you experience will perfectly replicate the later hours of a traditional sunday sesh. You may even get into a smash. More on beach life lessons HERE.

Contribute to the Swan Valley’s soil – wholesome activities are in. No one’s denying it. Farmstays, picking your own fruit etc. So why not put on your agricultural pants and help contribute some much needed nitrogen to Swan Valley vineyards? 

It’s a vast area and all that bubbly you’re smashing in a party bus has to go somewhere. Plus you may even get a cute little souvenir photo after an aggrieved vineyard owner names & shames you on a public noticeboard. More on this activity HERE.

Get high in a Baldivis car park – everyone loves a road trip. Especially when the destination is so special. So why not take a drive down to The Baldives to get baked in a car park? 

There will be plenty to see, provided wayward youths on dirt bikes is your thing. Hell, you may even make some friends along the way given that choofing in old Commodores was voted Baldvis’ no.1 tourist attraction in 2022. More on the glory of Baldivis HERE.

Hit the work liquor cabinet – everyone knows the worst part of a Sunday session is the final hours when you begin the pisshead calculus of how many hours of rest you’re going to get before work. So why not just start your party at work? Rip that bandaid right off. 

Not only will you have a maximum sleep to getting to work ratio but all the booze is free! Plus there’s an excellent chance you’ll get an extremely extended holiday from work if you’re caught. What’s not to love?

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