In retaliation for Gina Rinehart’s Driza-Bone acquisition, Twiggy snaps up Aussie icon: Kuta Beach

It appears neither mining magnate is slowing down in the Aussie icon arms race, with Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest purchasing the iconic Australian beach at Kuta to add to his swag of Aussie brands.

Twiggy’s Kuta Beach acquisition comes as a direct retaliation to the news that Gina Rinehart added Driza-Bone to her portfolio after also acquiring the Bunbury Farmers Market last month.

We caught up with a spokesperson for Twiggy who also owns R.M Williams, Harvey Beef, and Akubra. They told The Times,

“You can’t get much more Aussie than Kuta Beach in Bali. Twiggy really wants to lead the way in owning as much Australiana as he can. So it was a bit of a no-brainer. He doesn’t want to get to the Who Owns The Most Aussie Shit awards and end up in second place”

As part of the deal, Bali required Twiggy to invest heavily in another Aussie icon on the island – the Denpasar Airport holding cells.

While the exact sum he paid for Kuta Beach has not been disclosed we can reveal that Twiggy has offered $10M towards the holding cells to spruce them up and repair all the damage drunk Aussies have done to them over the years.

Experts say that the Kuta Beach acquisition showed how serious Twiggy was. With one Australian professor telling The Times,

“Typically, we see arms race build slowly but Twiggy has gone nuclear. Many analysts expected him to take a run at Blundstone first but here we are, Kuta fkn Beach. What a pickup from the billionaire”

Nevertheless, Aussies have praised the move saying it’s about time someone ensured that Kuta Beach stayed Australian

Speculation is running wild on how Gina will respond to this. Some even suggested she has made inquiries to purchase Kerobokan Prison & Potato Head in a joint deal. More Aussie hot spots.

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