Claremont Woman Forced To Serve Pet Non Dry-Aged Ribeye As Inflation Hits 

While the rest of Perth moans about the absence of lettuce in their Zinger burger, some real battlers are doing it tough. Elizabeth is such a battler. 

To ensure they have enough disposable income for their trip to Aspen later in the year, Elizabeth has had to make the devastating choice to downgrade little Betty’s dinner from dry-aged Cape grim ribeye to merely a fresh cut of premium sirloin. 

Elizabeth said it was the hardest thing she’s ever instructed her help to do. Hugging her dog she told The Times,

“One oft hears on the wireless about this terrible inflation business but when it affects your beloved pet’s penchant for a dry-aged ribeye you know things are truly frightful”

Thankfully she was able to continue importing artisan water from her favourite glacier after getting her chef & cleaner to take substantial pay cuts. A move she nearly thanked them for. 

“Ultimately, they know my little Betty is my world and what kind of monster would be happy taking the artisan water out of her bowl. We all have to do our bit”

Her private chef however welcomes the change. Telling The Times,

“Do you know what it did to my soul every time I lightly seared a piece of top-tier steak for that dog? Went against everything I value as a chef. Don’t even get me started on the 6 carrot roses I have to prepare each night too”

Since making the switch to non dry-aged beef, Elizabeth hasn’t even been game to show her face around the yacht club. 

“It’s the unspoken pain of inflation that one often disregards. How could I possibly live with myself if a neighbour spotted my maid buying those cheap cuts? Barely suitable for Nedlands resident, darling”

No doubt, Elizabeth is doing it harder than most. 

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