Kane Cornes Accuses West Coast of Tanking After Beating the Dogs

Human clickbait machine and shock jock Kane Cornes has accused the West Coast Eagles of blatant tanking after they got up against the Dogs in one of the upsets of the year.

According to Cornes, the heart the boys showed was reprehensible and should be investigated by the AFL. Adding,

“Some people will say I’ll say anything for attention but I am dead set about this. Bloody dead set. They were playing like a team that didn’t want the no.1 draft pick Harley Reid and they missed out on that. I don’t think you can find a better example of tanking if you tried”

Cornes was particularly critical of the “obvious game plan” to be fierce at stoppages, kick goals, and tackle any dog that even got a sniff of the ball. His sentiments are echoed by Nathan Buckley who told The Times,

“Gov putting his body on the line like that. Do you think those are the actions of a bloke playing in a team that wants to win? What about Kelly running his guts out all game and netting 32 disposals? You have to ask some pretty serious questions about this kind of tanking. Is it good for the game?”

Cornes could barely contain his fury as he called for the scalps of Cripps for having the audacity to kick 5 goals in the contest. Not to mention Oscar snagging 3 and Darling stepping up for 2. Adding,

“What game are they playing at? It’s not footy, let me tell you that. I couldn’t believe what I was watching”

Cornes has further called on the West Coast fan base to denounce their team over today’s performance and cancel their memberships.

As per usual, no one is paying attention to the bullcrap flowing from his mouth.

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