AFL suspicious of Beef Wellington the Crows Sent Them As a Peace Offering

The Adelaide Crows are doing their best to put the controversy of last night behind them. So in a classy move, the South Australian powerhouse sent the AFL a freshly baked beef wellington with freshly foraged ingredients as a peace offering.

A source from within the Crows told The Times that it was designed to show the AFL that there were “no hard feelings” over the call which cost them a run in the finals. Adding,

“Who doesn’t like a freshly baked beef wello with only the best wild mushrooms? Delicious. We certainly hope they all have an extra large slice and share it around the board”

The AFL are understandably a little suspicious of the dish. With its recent notoriety and the fact they are “fairly confident” Adelaide hate their guts right now. An insider told The Times,

“I mean, maybe if it was just a cake. That’d be nice but a beef wellington? We all know what that means. It’s like waking up with a horse’s head in your bed isn’t it?”

Naturally, the Crows are offended that anyone could think they’d hold a grudge over this. An insider told The Times,

“I mean, they review every fkn goal. Why not this fkn one? Which was so fkn in it wasn’t fkn funny? Why doesn’t the AFL have good review technology for crucial fkn moments? Not angry about it just asking questions”

We can happily report that the AFL tested out the Wellington on the chump who came up with AFLX and confirmed it’s just a standard, delicious dish.

This stands in stark contrast to the weekly beef wellingtons that Port Adelaide has been sending them. Which makes a decent change from the usual packages of piss & shit that the power fanbase usually sends.

Justice for the mighty Crom!

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