Baz Swoops In On Opportunity After Controversial OF Billboard Appeared In Perth

Basil has reportedly accelerated his plans to launch OnlyBaz after seeing a large billboard advertise an OF’s account in Joondanna over the weekend. 

Typically, the media has attempted to stir up moral panic over the billboard with some suggesting it’s not appropriate. Their kids should be exposed to gambling ads, not OFs, after all. 

However, the precedent set is clear and Basil isn’t going to miss out on all the fun. A spokesperson for Baz told The Times,

“OnlyBaz is an essential part of brand Perth. When you think Perth you should be thinking about Baz. He’s all over it after all. We can’t go into too many specifics on what you’ll get on the app but let’s just say it’ll showcase all the sizzling hot spots around Perth CBD”

The idea for OnlyBaz began back when TikTok influencer & OF star Anna Paul drew large crowds to the CBD – a constant promise and fixation of the Lord Mayor. The path forward was obvious and OnlyBaz was hatched. 

The OnlyBaz billboard that has appeared in Perth has been an instant hit with tourists who have flocked to get a selfie with the King of Perth’s advertisement in droves. However, some aren’t so convinced. A concerned mother told The Times,

“I don’t think it sends a good message to my kids. I don’t want them seeing the billboard and think that growing up to be a politician of any kind is an acceptable career choice. I’d much rather see billboards of doctors or lawyers… well maybe not lawyers but you get the idea”

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