Man Booted From Buy & Sell 4X4 Group For Not Stating It Was A “Regrettable Sale”

Nasty scenes erupted in a local 4X4 buy & sell group after a man had the audacity to attempt to sell his thrashed-out Ranger without stating it was his “pride & joy” or that the sale was “regrettable”. 

Admin took swift action to take down the ad and reprimand the seller for failing to adhere to the accepted etiquette of selling a second-hand fourby.

Under the unwritten laws of the group, any seller must try to fool prospective buyers into thinking they looked after the car with a degree of mechanical perfection one rarely sees with people flogging off their shit on Facebook. 

Furthermore, they must show sufficient disdain for the buyer by having the absolute gall to justify the 35% markup based on some vague notion of “sentimental value”.

We spoke to a witness who saw the ugliness go down. He told The Bell Tower Times,

“Look, ever since the borders reopened everyone has been trying to sell the toy they paid way too much for because they couldn’t go to Bali. So, it’s customary that the seller tries to pass that poor financial decision onto the next by saying that they aren’t in a rush to sell and all that horseshit”

Admin had this to say,

“Buy & sell groups are all about trust and how can we trust this guy? If he wants to sell a fourby on my patch he’ll disguise his desperation to cut loose a financial burden like everyone else. He didn’t even declare that he knows what he’s got. Weird”

We spoke to the seller who was admittedly disappointed in himself, 

“Yeah, I wasn’t thinking clearly. I just banged out the ad while I was taking a shit at work. I thought maybe the full-service history would have sufficed by I understand now that emotional spiels are far better evidence than so-called service books”

We understand the seller has gone to another group with a post about not letting his “baby” go for less than $75k because he needs the money because his Grandmother’s cat needs to fly to Vienna for a heart transplant.

Finally, treating the sale with the respect it deserves. Hopefully, he can offload the beast that was rescued from high tide no more than 48 hours ago. 

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