Flagmantle Fans Demand To Know Why Marlion Pickett Wasn’t Arrested Before Richmond Beat Them

News has just broke that Richmond player Marlion Pickett has been arrested in Perth and charged with a series of burglary charges. Naturally, the news has left Flagmantle fans furious. 

Although Marlion only got 10 touches, it was 10 touches that didn’t need to be had and a “well timed” arrest could have been the key to a Flagmantle win. We spoke to a supporter who told The Times,

“Come on, WA Police are clearly Richmond or West Coast fans. It stinks. He should’ve been arrested just before the bounce so they left Richmond clearly at a disadvantage. That’s the WA spirit”

WA Police are remaining tight lipped on the timing of the arrest but want to assure people that they are as disappointed with Freo’s performance last night as everyone else. Even considering taking them into custody for taking the piss without authorisation. A spokesperson told The Times,

“We can’t comment on procedural matters but we can confirm that whether Marlion was in our custody or on the field, Flagmantle would’ve lost. We accept no blame for them losing to Richmond”

Nevertheless, key Flagmantle personalities have called for an inquest into the footy bias of the police. Noting that a force should be there to enforce laws regardless of who they want to see win a flag. 

Tension is certainly mounting.

Perhaps taking Marlion early would’ve stopped this man launching legal action against his father: Jack v Dad In The Matter Of Flagmantle

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