BREAKING: McGowan & Kochie Agree To Swap Jobs In A Day Of Shock Resignations

Australia is in a state of shock as Mark McGowan and Kochie announced not only their respective resignations but that they would be swapping jobs by the end of the week. That’s right, Marko on Sunrise and Kochie as WA’s fearless leader.

WA Premier Mark McGowan cited exhaustion for his resignation however some were quick to note that the timing was quite convenient. 

Leading to speculation that Marko took his opportunity to secure his dream job as Kochie’s replacement. A source close to the Premier told The Times,

“It’s not rocket science. Leading a state is a full on job and the pay really isn’t that great compared to the hours. Whereas Kochie did fuckall for fucktons of money. Marko just reckons it’s time to roll in all that easy cash”

No doubt McGowan will relish in the change of pace. Instead of doing upwards of 50 hours a week, the statesman will put in about an hour or so a day and live out his dream of meeting the cash cow.

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A spokesperson for the WA Government told The Times,

“Obviously WA is Australia’s cash cow so Mark always had a deep affinity with Sunrise’s cash cow. He’s already in talks with the studio. Unfortunately ,they might be comin to a deal where Kochie takes over as Premier. Lord help us”

McGowan is expected to start the role next month after a brief period of rest. It won’t be an easy job matching Kochie’s charm but with a background in naval law you would have to suspect McGowan is already more entertaining to listen to than Kochie. 

Kochie says he is optimisitc that if he can lead Port Adelaide, WA should be a walk in the park.

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