New Trial Of Cutting Edge Cameras To Target Animals Who Don’t Give Courtesy Wave On The Road

WA Police are rolling out advanced new cameras that will finally be able to crack down on uncouth barbarians who don’t have the common decency to flick you a wave after being let in etc. 

Camera tower thingos will also be deployed on rural roads to catch people who think they are above the little finger wave acknowledgment that used to make outback driving so special. 

The campaign was the brainchild of a source within the WA Government who apparently felt aggrieved after suffering some audacious rudeness on the road a few months ago. 

A source from within the party told The Times,

“He was driving home from work and very generously let some mouthbreather merge in front of him only to receive no act of reciprocal politeness. He said we are at risk of becoming like Sydney if this shit continues”

Under the new campaign, WA drivers will be given a grace period where warnings will be given for unspeakable acts of discourtesy. With fines coming into place next month. 

Not everyone is stoked about the new cameras. With a proud 200 Series driver saying the basics of human decency don’t apply to people like him. He told The Times,

“Do you know what being king of the road means? Why should I pay hand service to some peasant for simply not getting in my way? I will contest every fine I get which believe me will be A LOT”

However, other sections of the population are stoked. We spoke to a Falcon driver who said he was forced to follow someone for 45 minutes yesterday after feeling disrespected in a merge. He told The Times,

“It was really inconvenient. Me kid was running late for footy practice and the preggo misso was calling me saying something about contradictions? Contraptions? I dunno mate. Needless to say a simple wave would’ve prevented a lot of headaches for a lot of people”

Stay tuned for updates on the locations of the cameras as they become known. 

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