Perth woman who moved to the hills to be near nature, evidently doesn’t like nature much

Natasha made the “tree change” to move to the Perth hills last year and it has been a white knucklin’, nonstop complainercoaster of a ride ever since. 

Before the move, Natasha would smugly tell anyone who would listen that she was getting away from the big smoke to embrace a natural lifestyle. Calling herself a bushie at heart. 

Friends close to her say she developed this absurd view of herself after enjoying a few getaways in luxury accommodation in Pemberton and other rural holiday spots. 

Needless to say, the cracks began to form mere days after moving into the Darlington property when she struggled with allergies from the native bushes around her property. She told The Times,

“I’m all for native flora just not around my property! I have never sneezed so much in my life as I did in my first Spring. Thankfully, we had saved enough to have every single one of those bushes removed and concreted over! Nature within limits!”

It should be noted that after removing native bushland and laying concrete, Natasha then complained every single day over the summer about how hot it was around her place. If only nature had a plan. 

Alas, it wasn’t just allergies that Natasha was complaining daily about on FB community groups. Oh no, it was the bushfire maintenance obligations too. Another part of bush life that she evidently wasn’t keen on. 

We spoke to Natasha’s neighbour who told The Times,

“It’s pretty clear she just likes the idea of living in the bush. We all just accept that maintaining your property is a necessity of life out here but not Natasha. She’s going apeshit on the FB group every other day about the cost and effort. Don’t think she’s cut out for this life”

Her hubby gave her the benefit of the doubt. Surely anybody would be upset by allergies and constant yard maintenance right? Well that’s until she lost the plot over a horse chucking a double quarter mcslurry right on her verge. 

To say this “nature lover” took it well would be misrepresenting the events that transpired. In reality, it was 4 solid days of threatening anyone known to own horses in the area. She lost the plot if we’re being honest. 

Nevertheless, Natasha’s fierce, unrelenting hatred of all things bush living doesn’t get in the way of her nature Instagram blog. Documenting her life among the gum trees or some shit. 

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