Perth Woman Christens New Car With First Load of Sand She’ll Never Get Rid Of

Last month, Jodie was enjoying that new car feeling. Today, she’s enjoying that first load of sand in her interior that she’ll likely never get rid of. A rite of passage for any nonchalant car owner in the great state of WA. 

Having worked hard, Jodie thought it was time to enter the big leagues. A brand spanking Hyundai i30. You read that right, a brand-spankin’ automobile. $25k of pure driving satisfactoriness attached to a very uncompetitive financing arrangement. 

Rolling dirty on 17” alloy rims felt pretty good at first but she couldn’t help thinking something wasn’t feeling right. It just didn’t feel like Perth and she couldn’t put her finger on it. That was until 2 hours ago when Jodie decided to enjoy the 31 degree Friday at the beach.  Jodie told Times, 

“I got pretty excited by the forecast and as luck would have it it was my RDO. I decided to hit the beach and boy was I a little premature. The water is cold AF and within about 15minutes the wind was unbearable. Long story short, I hadn’t fully tried off properly”

Jumping the gun on a perfect beach day is something we’re all guilty of. However, everything happens for a reason, as Jodie explained, 

“So I get in Honey, that’s what I call my new girl, and drive towards Cottesloe to flex on basic-bitches. When I got out I noticed the area under my feet was covered in sand and I thought, eh, fuckit, I’ll deal with that later”

Of course, Jodie never did get around to dealing with that sand with any vigor or gusto. A light shake of the mat got rid of a “fair bit” and Jodie merely promised herself she’d get on that soon. 

She drove past 3 petrol stations with a vacuum and 2 self-service car detailing locations. Each time weighing up whether or not she could be bothered stopping at this point in time. 

With each passing of an appropriate location to “deal with the sand”, the lie Jodie told herself grew in resolve. It was at this exact moment she realised she’d found the missing piece to the WA motorist puzzle. 

We give Jodie about a 5% chance of ever getting around to dealing with that sand and without questionable doubt the next 6 months will add to her collection. 

No need to fight it. It’s the way nature intended it. 

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