Collingwood jealous over how many MCG home games Taylor Swift has in a row

There is trouble brewing in the Collingwood camp with the team outraged that visiting superstar Taylor Swift has 3 home games at the G in a row.

They claim this should be a privilege only reserved for them – the chosen ones in the eyes of the AFL. A spokesperson for the Wobblers told The Times,

“Who does Taylor Swift think she is? I don’t see her name on the 2023 AFL premiership trophy. Did you know we are the reigning premiers? Has anyone mentioned that in the last 10 minutes? Makes you sick”

Sources close to Tay Tay’s camp says that Collingwood has to accept that they don’t own the MCG and reminding them that travel broadens the mind. Adding,

“Taylor is travelling massive distances for her tour, it’s something that the Magpies could reflect on. They are chucking a hissy fit but they really should bond over it given Tay Tay only has to travel as far as Sydney next, that’s something they can relate to”

Similarly, not going to WA is another key detail that the two could bond over. Alas, the fanbase are having none of that. With one Colgate-dodger telling The Times,

“Last I checked the Magpies sold out more seats at the G for the grand final than Taylor Swift did. So who is the bigger star? The Magpies or Taylor Swift, I think you’ll find the mighty Collingwood win that title”

We had to cut the interview short after police arrived to arrest the man on an outstanding bench warrant.

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